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 Rules and Guidelines

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The Kalladen Page Academy

What is the Purpose of The Kalladen Page Academy?

To prepare a member for fully participating in HFS by learning the basics of chivalry, honor, responsibility, courtesy, team ethics, and leadership. The academy will also teach the basics of the Rulebook and Corpora so that members will be familiar with the basic foundations of the game and how it works. The Academy should boost an interest and participation in the High Fantasy Society that will continue as long as the member is involved with the High Fantasy Society.

How do I become a Page?
Submit a completed registration form to the Kingdom Chancellor. Upon receiving the form appropriate arrangements will be made for an induction ceremony to be held at an informal court. An induction ceremony is not required to be enrolled in and participate in the Pages Program.

General Rules and Guidelines for a Page
(All new members are encouraged to take a few classes to learn the basics of the game.)

1. Only children that are 10 to 15 years of age may enroll in the Page Program. Members of Kalladen at least 14 years of age may choose to participate in the Academy to learn the basics in any area they choose, but will not earn levels and points as a Page.

2. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated during any Page Activities.

3. Pages are required to participate and always do their best and at no time will class work be graded.

4. Pages should do their own work in order to mature within the Society. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to be actively involved with their child and to support and guide their progress; parents may help their child but they should not complete their child’s work for them.

5. Children enrolled in the Page program must wear a yellow sash around their waist. Once they have been mentored by a Knight or Squire they must have a Yellow belt provided by their Mentor.

It is not a requirement for a Page to have a Mentor, but it is a wonderful opportunity be in service to a Knight or Squire. Mentors foster a Page’s personal growth, as well as helping them develop courtly skills and developing an understanding of service, courtesy and leadership. The relationship between a Mentor and Page is a personal decision between the Page, their parents and the Mentor. Knights and Squires are only able to serve as mentors.

Page Classes and Instructors
Page classes can be run at any event or group meeting; and a private Mentor may also be chosen, with the involvement of the Page’s parents.
There are no core classes required within the Pages Program. Pages should receive an education that is equally focused on chivalry, arts and sciences and service as well as a few combat techniques to better inform themselves as to the different aspects of The High Fantasy Society.
Peers and the talented gentles of the Kingdom are encouraged to teaching classes for the children and those participating in the Pages Program. An individual that is willing to offer their time, knowledge and service by teaching will not be turned away. Page classes need to be treated by instructors with the same vigor and commitment to learning as classes offered to their adult counter-parts. Instructors should contact the Kingdom Chancellor prior to the class to discuss the subject(s) being offered. (and to receive help in determining the difficulty level and the appropriate age group for the class if needed.)
  • Pages should have a parent, guardian or care provider present at the class for more difficult subject matters or classes marked above their age.

  • It is encouraged to have the classes that are hands-on while being significant and pertinent to what would lend educational value in HFS.

  • Instructors must contact the Chancellor with a roster of the class participants and the subject of the class taught.

  • The Chancellor will track the classes that each Page has attended.

Service Activities
(All service activities shall be reported to the Chancellor for recording as these will help determine level advancements.)

We all know that Adults are capable to help in Service Activities, but Children should be encouraged and allowed to participate in age appropriate service activities. These activities can include, but are not limited to: handing out tokens, assisting Royal Retainers, water bearing and volunteering as list runners, running errands, helping clean up trash, servers and kitchen help are some activities that minors, depending on age and maturity, can do. Adults running these and other activities should welcome the child into these activities as long as the minor can follow safety and behavior guidelines.

Levels and Regalia
All students begin as Novices, advance to Page, then finally Senior Pages.
Novice: Plain yellow sash. (Can be weaved or made of fabric.)
Page: Can be Mentored at this stage. A Silver Page Emblem may be added to a leather belt. If you are not mentored you may trim your sash in silver cording.
Senior Page: Add the Senior Emblem to your leather belt (giving you two silver emblems). If you are still not mentored you may add the Senior patch to the fabric.

Moving up Levels
The Chancellor will track the progress of the Pages within the Page Program. The Pages are still encouraged to track their progress with the assistance of their parents. When a Page becomes eligible to move up a Level, the Page and their parents need to contact the Chancellor to confirm their eligibility and make arrangements for the elevation at an event.

1. To become a Page, a Novice must complete the following credits:
  • 7 Chivalry/ Combat Training hours
  • 7 Arts and Sciences hours
  • 7 Service hours
  • Must meet a challenge presented to them by a Kingdom member.

2. To become a Senior Page, a Page must complete the following credits:
  • 4 additional Chivalry/ Combat Training hours
  • 4 additional Arts and Sciences hours
  • 4 additional Service hours
  • Must enter 4 tourneys (A&S, RP, or Combatant)
  • Must meet a challenge presented to them by their Mentor; if they do not have a Mentor by a
  • Kingdom member of their choosing
  • Must complete a personal project

3. To graduate the Page Program, a Senior Page must complete the following credits:
  • 3 additional Chivalry/ Combat Training hours
  • 3 additional Arts and Sciences hours
  • 3 additional Service hours
  • Must enter 5 tourneys, and place in at least 2 of them (A&S, RP, or Combatant)
  • Must teach a Page class or complete a personal project
  • Must complete a personal project that is fully researched and documented; the Page is strongly encouraged, but not required, to submit the project in an A and S competition
  • Must meet a challenge presented to them by their Mentor; if they do not have a Mentor by a Kingdom member of their choosing.

Upon completion of the program, the page will be an excellent candidate for Squire-hood.
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Rules and Guidelines
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