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 The Black Abbey

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: The Black Abbey   The Black Abbey Icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2009 6:48 pm

These are the last words Kyrryn will ever speak of his former life............

The battle raged for hours and it seemed the northern army would have its victory over the upstart Borderlanders.The Warriors and wizards of the woodland fortress would not go quietly into the abyss, rather they were going to bring the northern army screaming into hell with them.

One of the soldiers while in the midst of battle felt the very world around him shift. "Oh No, They can’t do that....we haven’t destroyed the magic field yet." The Scout turned towards the keep and took flight to stop the magi before they could complete there spell.

Brimstone and Longfellow joined there powers to give one last attempt to drive the invaders back and save the land they loved. The spell was almost complete as the scout made his way into the courtyard. "No!" the scout yelled but it was to late. The powers of the casters swirlled and crackled violently around them and then came a white burning flash. "You failed..." Kyrryn thought to himself.

The white energy surged through the immortal and then it turned to blue then black. Kyrryn woke in what appeared to be the castle but all around him had turned to solid black. It was burned or charred just black.No signs of life were in the keep, no dead no dying just a cold somber feeling. Kyrryn stepped out of what was left of great fortress to see that a large area of the forest had been a victim of the darkness that fell on the castle as well. Not looking back Kyrryn walked in to the woods to search for signs of life.

As the day began to fade the scout stopped and smelled the air. "The Ocean? That can’t be right." then Kyrryn walked a few miles more and stepped out onto the beach. "This can’t be!" The Dark Angel took flight to see where he and the keep had been dropped. As the land was surveyed it appeared to Kyrryn that the mage had torn a hole in the realm and made the borderlands a new world.

Kyrryn spotted figures in a open meadow for fear that it made be northern survivors, Kyrryn descended into the trees and cloaked his image. To his relief it was some of the Borderland populace. But Kyrryn didn’t run out to join his former kingdom. Instead he returned to the keep.

"I must not let them find the keep." Kyrryn thought. "They can have a fresh start here and not be hounded by the Kingdoms of the north."

Kyrryn went back to the courtyard and drew his mace and sword and stood at the top of the courtyard and yelled out "Powers of the deities! Hear my words! I Kyrryn your loyal subject has never questioned you or asked for a thing!" Kyrryn went on with his words." I will do what ever it takes to protect this new kingdom! This i swear to you!" Then a voice quietly spoke to Angel as though he was being told as secret. after hearing the words Kyrryn shook his head and looked up at the sky and calmly stated "agreed"

The deal was made and suddenly the forest consumed the keep and cloaked from any and all that would want to find it or stumble upon it. Kyrryn sank to his knees and then to the ground and the forest formed around him in a tomb of black roots and stone till he had rested or was called to protect the new world of Kalladen.
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The Black Abbey
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