The Kingdom of Kalladen

The place to find all things pertaining to Kalladen, the Waco chapter of the High Fantasy Society
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 The Blood Wolves

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: The Blood Wolves   The Blood Wolves Icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2009 7:02 pm

So here we are, Teleported from the Borderlands, strangers in a....well strange land and NO place to go. We’ve been traveling to this place we heard about called Kalladen ,but can’t find the damn place to save our ass. We travel down a road that said 2 days to Kalladen but what it didn’t say is that its 2 days till the dack that you have to get to before you get to this damn place.

Ok, Ok, so now I’m standing in this damn old fishermen’s hut with me mate, we got to ,eave the horses behind cuz they wont fit in the boot. SMEG THAT!!! What the hell are we gonna ride when we get there?? huh? Well dear leader 'o mine Nexus sez we gona buy more when we get where we going. Fine what ever, but the coin we spend on dis ride and the horses is gonna leave us about broke, yeah? Smeg it.

Any way it’s a 3 day boot ride to dis place called Kalladen. hell for all we know it’s a hole in de wall. Hell might be a grand city. I heard too many a tale to make my choice yet, ya dig? But I tell ya dis, if any one boom basta come traveling about me with a foul word ta say , I be cuttin him with me blade wit a smerk and a drop 'o spit. any way it looks like we be broden the flop craft now.

I hope I don’t be calling ralf over the side. any way, I will write agin soon. Oh yeah, it be too damn hot and unnatural right now. Maybe it will be cooler in dis Kalladen when we get there huh? Any way I gotz
to be loading our grp for now, bye and bye I sayz to ya!

Jon HeavyFoot
The Blood Wolves
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The Blood Wolves
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